Charity car donations provide new hope for recently released prisoners

When you donate a car to Volunteers of America, you help underwrite veterans programs, programs for seniors and for children and their families. But in many areas of the country you also fund programs that help recently released prisoners re-enter society as productive members of society. Helping former prisoners lead new lives has been a focus of Volunteers of America since we were founded in 1896. Our unique partnerships within local communities represent some of the nation’s best opportunities to engage citizens in the process of offering acceptance, service and guidance to formerly incarcerated citizens. These efforts not only provide life-changing benefits for the formerly incarcerated but also make a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community. All over the nation, local programs partially funded by people who have donated a car to charity provide housing and job training for recently released prisoners, with life changing results. Joe, just released from a Michigan prison, is one example of the good your donated vehicle can do:

Joe is new to the Increasing Hope group this past month. He had spent the past fifteen years in prison. Like so many who have done their time, Joe was released from prison with no viable plan to reintegrate to society. The unemployment rate for ex-offenders is calculated to be between 20 and 25 percent. Thankfully, Joe has received encouragement and support from Volunteers of America Michigan staff and guests. He is now working with Tony Cook from Michigan Works and putting together a plan to help him re-enter the labor force which is a critical step toward re-establishing his life in society. Of course, this support is in addition to the shelter and basic needs he receives from Volunteer of America Michigan’s programs. Volunteers of America Michigan staff is also working hard to help Joe locate viable permanent housing, another critical element in helping him gain stability. Joe is determined to make good on the help he has received from Volunteers of America, and is optimistic about his future. Joe’s case illustrates the crucial role that Volunteers of America Michigan programs can play in a person’s way back to becoming a productive member of society and living a fulfilling life.

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