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Your charitable vehicle donations help people with intellectual disabilities like Chenita find a new life and a new home.

Charitable vehicle donations to Volunteers of America Chesapeake support life changing programs right here in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. When you donate a car you help people like Chenita - one of the many people with intellectual disabilities whose lives are made better through charitable vehicle donations like yours. Her story demonstrates the life changing power of car donation to charities:

Chenita was born blind and deaf. At 45 years old, she has needed supportive services since birth. But she is happy, healthy and living a great life at her new home – one of Volunteers of America Chesapeake's Intellectual Disability Services D.C. Community Living Centers.

"I am very impressed and I would recommend Volunteers of America Chesapeake to anyone," said David, Chenita's brother-in-law. David, his wife Mattie and Chenita's father Elgrie are all incredibly pleased with Chenita's new home.

"I think it is beautiful," Elgrie said in regards Chenita's spacious new home (partially funded by charitable vehicle donations) with its well-designed kitchen, modern bathrooms well-maintained backyard. "I tell you, it is the ideal place," he said.

"What sets Volunteers of America Chesapeake apart from other providers is how we take a vested interest in making sure the homes are homes we ourselves would live in," Volunteers of America Chesapeake's Vice President of Intellectual Disability Services' Belinda Tiller explained. "We work hard to make them safe, clean and homelike."

The home Chenita lives in is one of 13 other homes Volunteers of America Chesapeake currently operates throughout Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia, thanks in part to charitable vehicle donations like yours. Each home also offers supportive living services, while empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to live independently in their community. Our goal is to ensure that anyone being served in our program experiences full satisfaction and reaches for their absolute highest potential in all areas of their life.

In addition to the high-quality housing, another part of what makes families like Chenitas so pleased are the services we provide. Volunteers of America Chesapeake goes above and beyond national best practices by supporting individuals regardless of age, type or severity of their disability or life skills; focusing on a person's abilities and building on a person's strengths to create their own unique person-centered-plan and collaborating with the individual and his or her family to develop a full support network. All made possible by people like you making charitable vehicle donations.

These people lead richer lives because of charitable vehicle donations like yours. Our trained staff members work hard to make certain the medical needs of each individual are met. Caregivers make appointments and provide transportation to all appointments. We work with each individual and the people who love them to develop goals and support systems. We develop an individual plan centered around the unique needs of each resident. We even connect them with the community through activities like visiting the local farmer's market, taking them to whatever religious services they choose, or helping them enjoy neighborhood events.

"We promote choice, dignity and respect for the individuals we serve," Tiller, who has more than 25 years of experience working with people with intellectual disabilities, says it is exactly what the individuals deserve.

"You keep trying and you keep moving in the right direction," Tiller explains, "and if you do and you're vested then you just can't measure what you see. You see people's lives change."

Chenita's sister Mattie agrees. "I'm noticing a lot of changes with Chenita since she has been in your care. I've seen her put her shoes on the wrong feet, realize it and take them off and put them back on. We heard her laugh for the first time. I know my sister is well taken care of and happy." Stories like this are only made possible when cars and trucks are given as charitable vehicle donations to Volunteers of America Chesapeake.

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Disability Services Funded by Your Charitable Vehicle Donations to
Volunteers of
America Chesapeake.

13 Residential Programs located in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia that offer supportive living services for people with intellectual disabilities in our area, and help them live independent lives in our community.

  • Life skills training. Individual growth and development classes based on
    individualized plans created for each person.
  • Medical, psychological and behavioral treatment.
  • Recreation, education.

Whether you live in Maryland, the District of Columbia or Virginia…from Baltimore to Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., Arlington, Lanham, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Falls Church or Seat Pleasant, you help us fund these vital programs when you donate your car or truck. To learn more about your tax deduction click on Taxes: Donate Car.

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