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No one makes it easier. No one gives you a larger boat donation tax deduction. When it comes to a boat donation no charity does it better than Volunteers of America Delaware Valley.

To you it might be a forgotten fair weather toy sitting next to your garage under a drop cloth, or floating neglected at a marina. To Volunteers of America Delaware Valley your used boat means medical care for people fighting addiction and substance abuse, thousands of meals for hungry local children and families, or loving care for the area’s seniors.

If you’re thinking about making a boat donation, we gratefully accept fishing boats, power boats, ski boats, yachts, cruisers or sail boats from anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey or Delaware. No one makes it easier to make a boat donation – it only takes a moment to fill out the simple donation form on the right of this page. Then click ‘submit’ and we’ll give you a call to schedule your boat donation. It’s that easy. Would you like us to pick up your boat? That can usually be arranged within 24 hours.

Is getting the maximum boat donation tax deduction important to you? Tax deductions for boat donations are something we’ve had a lot of experience at. At Volunteers of America we know how to help you get the highest boat donation tax deduction that federal law allows. Our donation experts will make certain you get the proof you need to claim a deduction on your federal taxes. Most of the time we mail it out within 24 hours of receiving your boat donation.

100% of your boat donation helps here in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania…unlike ‘middlemen’ charity boat donation programs.

When you make a boat donation to a charity, avoid ‘middleman’ organizations who sell your donated boat, keep most of the money and give the leftovers to charity. If you want to make a boat donation where it will do the most good – donate directly to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. When you do, your donation will be used to help people in nearby communities who desperately need it.

Make your boat donation here and support local programs close to home.

When you make a boat donation to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, you are floating us the support we need to run life-changing programs in communities in New Jersey, Delaware and the Philadelphia metro area.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley helps thousands of children, women, men and families in our area. Thousands of times a year we provide hot meals to people struggling with our tough economy. Every night we offer hundreds of beds to women and children escaping abuse, people recovering from addiction and people suffering from mental disorders and physical disease. Volunteers of America uses your boat donation to help folks in Delaware, Philadelphia and New Jersey get back on their feet again, so they can contribute to our community.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley is an important provider of substance abuse treatment and prevention from Camden to Wilmington and Philadelphia. When you donate your boat you help us offer the residential treatment and services that people fighting addiction desperately need.

Volunteers of America has also partnered with the Camden County Women’s Center to provide comprehensive Domestic Violence Outreach Services to Delaware Valley. When you donate a boat you help women, children and even men in our community who suffer from domestic violence. Our programs and services help your neighbors become strong, responsible family members and help them develop skills to eliminate violent behavior.

Donating your used boat to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley gives your boat a second life, and helps us provide new life to people in local communities who really need it. No one makes it easier – simply submit the form to the right, or give us a call toll free at 877-721-4862.

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Make a boat donation and help Volunteers of America Delaware Valley offer life-changing programs like these:
  • Addiction Treatment Program
  • Emergency housing for the homeless
  • Counseling, employment assistance and crisis intervention
  • Senior housing that enhances the quality of life
  • Domestic Violence programs
  • Programs that break the cycle of violent behavior
  • Additional treatment and rehabilitation
To donate your boat just use the form on the right side of this page. Or call us toll free at
877-721-4862. No matter where you live, from Camden to Trenton, Atlantic City, Philadelphia,
Wilmington, or Cherry Hill, when you donate your boat to charity you help us fund programs
like these and care for the people in our communities who might otherwise be forgotten.
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