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Asking yourself “Where can I donate my car in Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware?” Donate your used vehicle to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley and help thousands right here in NJ, DE & PA

We usually pick up car donations within 24 hours in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia.

Easy process, free professional towing, a charity tax deduction and local Delaware, New Jersey and Philadelphia programs that help thousands. Volunteers of America is the best place to donate a car to charity in DE, PA & NJ.

The Delaware Valley holds the best of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Whether you’re enjoying a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, the Italian Festival in Wilmington or the boardwalk and gaming of Atlantic City, the Delaware Valley is a dynamic place to live. But for hundreds of thousands of people struggling with homelessness, domestic violence and addiction, PA, DE and NJ can also be a challenging place to live. That’s where Volunteers of America Delaware Valley comes in.

100% of your donation stays with VOA. Your New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia car donation will help us provide treatment, job training and emergency housing to thousands in PA, NJ and DE.

Whether you live in Cherry Hill, Camden or Trenton, when you donate a used vehicle to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, 100% of the funds we raise from your donated vehicle stay with Volunteers of America. We keep our overhead costs low, so 88% of the money raised from your donated vehicle goes directly to local programs like our addiction treatment programs, domestic violence programs, emergency shelters, rehabilitation and senior housing located throughout DE, NJ and Philadelphia. We also provide employment assistance and crisis intervention.

Wondering “How do I donate my car in Philadelphia, Delaware or New Jersey?” Volunteers of America makes it easy!

It takes less than a minute to fill out our online car donation form.

We don’t ask a lot of questions, just the important ones. In 60 seconds or less you can hit ‘Submit’ and set your charity car donation to Volunteers of America in motion.

In most cases we’ll call you back the same day about your MD, VA or DC vehicle donation.

One of our professional charity vehicle donation experts will give you a call (usually the same day) to schedule your free professional tow.

Wherever you are in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware -- We’ll almost always pick up your car donation within 24 hours!

No matter where you live in NJ, DE or PA we can usually have a towing professional at your location within 24 hours to pick up your used vehicle donation. And it never costs you a cent.

Want to speed up your Delaware, New Jersey or Philadelphia vehicle donation even more? Call Toll Free 877-721-4862

If you don’t want to make your DE, NJ or PA used vehicle donation online, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call toll free: 877-721-4862. One of our vehicle donation specialists will be glad to help you over the phone.

Get your charity car donation tax receipts quickly. In New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia we usually mail them out within 24 hours!

Whether you live in PA, NJ or DE you’re helping us provide essential services to your neighbors when you donate a used vehicle to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. And you get a little help too – on your federal income taxes. We’ll make sure the receipt for your charity tax deduction is put in the mail as soon as possible. Most of the time we mail it within 24 hours of your used vehicle donation.

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In a word, yes. The Volunteers of America Delaware Valley programs you support with your car donation change thousands of lives every year.
  • Addiction Treatment Program/li>
  • Emergency housing for the homeless
  • Counseling, employment assistance and crisis intervention
  • Senior housing that enhances the quality of life
  • Domestic Violence programs
  • Programs that break the cycle of violent behavior
  • Additional treatment and rehabilitation
To donate your car in DE, NJ or PA, simply use the online form to the right or call Volunteers of America toll free at 877-721-4862
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