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I am so relieved to have a safe and reliable car to get me through Michigan’s turbulent weather. VOA Michigan is truly a blessing. Daren, low income car buyer

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With the donation of a car, you help us provide reliable transportation to low income people who really need it.

At Volunteers of America Michigan the donation of a car is an important step to the freedom of dependable transportation for low-income people. People who couldn’t afford it any other way. What makes Cars Helping People different than other car donation to charities? We choose donated cars and send them to our team of 18 staff mechanics for needed improvements. After that we put them on our lot for sale to low-income drivers – at below market prices. When you donate a car it is the initial stage in offering a quality car-buying experience and quality transportation and for low-income buyers. Daren found the car he needed through the Cars Helping People program. This is his story:

Daren and his wife had vehicles, but Daren’s small two-wheel drive car was not equipped for Michigan’s tough winters. With two young children in and out of school and day care, and both he and his wife working, it became a constant struggle to get from place to place. So he was on the hunt for an affordable and reliable family vehicle. Like many in Michigan, Daren’s employer was hit hard by the difficulties of the big 3 automakers. The overall economic downturn forced Daren’s family to cut back on expenses. He began searching online for an affordable vehicle that would fit into their adjusted budget. That proved to be an almost impossible task.

After many attempts, Daren finally found a promising lead; a 2003 Chrysler Voyager at the Volunteers Of America Michigan Auto Sales lot. He jumped into his wife’s car and made the 50-mile drive to see the minivan. The car buying experience at the VOA lot was a revelation to him. “Right away I felt at ease. The staff was very nice and did not pressure me to purchase the vehicle. I was able to kick the tires, sit in the vehicle, start it up, and even test drive without a salesperson sitting over my shoulder. It was the best experience I’ve ever had at a car lot.”

Daren is a smart buyer, so of course had a few other dealerships to visit before he made his final decision. But before Daren got two miles away from the Volunteers of America Michigan lot, he realized he wasn’t going to find another car as reliable, well equipped, and affordable as the Voyager. He did a u-turn, made his way back to the lot and put a deposit down. That night he returned to seal the deal. “I absolutely love this car. I am constantly on the road with my kids, and I am relieved to have a safe and reliable car to get us through Michigan’s turbulent weather. I tell all my friends to go to the Volunteers of America Michigan Auto Sales lot if they need a safe, reliable, and cost effective car. Volunteers of America Michigan was truly a blessing to me and my family.”

Is it an exaggeration to say that the donation of a car can be a life changing experience? Ask the people who drive away smiling from out lot. When you donate your car or truck to our Cars Helping People Program, it can be the boost a struggling Michigan family really needs.

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Every day we transform donated vehicles into reliable transportation in the Cars Helping People program. We sell reliable transportation at a cost significantly below market value to those in need. The donation of a car to this program means you can take a fair market tax-deduction at private sale value. That’s one of the highest deduction amounts for the donation of a car that the IRS allows (See Taxes: Donate Car). The Cars Helping People program accepts vehicle donations from all over Michigan, from Detroit to Marquette, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing, Saginaw, Bay City and Grand Rapids. If you want to donate a car to Cars Helping People, use the form on the right side of the page, or call toll free 877-721-4862.
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