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Do you want to see the good your car charity donations do? Look into the eyes of the thousands of men, women and children blessed by our homeless programs.

Nothing is more soul crushing than being homeless. Every year your car charity donations help Volunteers of America offer the homeless in Nevada a second chance at life. When you donate a car it means that instead of being hungry and ignored, homeless men, women and children are provided with food, shelter, job training, job placement…and most important, hope. Hope is made possible when you donate your car or truck. That hope changed Crystal’s life, and the life of her children. This is her story:

Suddenly single after a bitter, sometimes violent divorce and child custody battle, Crystal and her young son and daughter had nowhere to go. Her esteem was shattered, and Crystal was in need of safe place where she and her kids could heal and gather strength to face the road ahead.

At the Volunteers of America Family Shelter, which provides 27 units for individual families, she found a safe haven and the tools to build a better future.

Partially funded by your car charity donations, the Family Shelter is much more than a place to sleep; a case plan is created for each family, assessing strengths and addressing weaknesses. A social services case-worker and VOA case manager review each family’s progress throughout their residency.

As part of her case plan, Crystal took advantage of important resources such as early childhood education activities for her children and parenting classes provided by the local school district’s Children in Transition program based on-site at the Family Shelter.

Crystal and her children also received services from the HAWC Outreach Medical Clinic located inside the Family Shelter building, where Crystal’s son underwent assessment and referral for counseling services.

The Family Shelter and the homeless services it provides wouldn’t be possible without car charity donations like yours. While Crystal and her children lived there, staff remained impressed with her determination to provide a better life for her children and her upbeat and positive attitude, even providing words of encouragement for fellow shelter residents.

In addition to case management, parenting classes and health services, Crystal and her children also benefited from Volunteers of America partnerships with agencies such as the United Way, which coordinates an extensive community garden on the rooftop playground. Professors from the University of Nevada donated their time to teach an 8-week poetry class for families. A local food bank teaches a Getting Ahead class for parents focused on financial and life skills. A Girl Scout troop meets weekly at the shelter, and Good Shepherd Clothes Closet provides donated clothing free of charge for shelter residents.

These and other wide-ranging experiences provide a wealth of opportunities for families to heal and grow in their ability to return to a state of productive independence – independence that begins with generous people like you making car charity donations. The Family Shelter is operated on a recovery model focused on rebuilding the strength of each family and breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations, an important goal considering that more than a third of our nation’s homeless are children.

After three months taking part in homeless services funded by car charity donations, Crystal found a job in the local casino industry and an apartment for herself and children. When she first arrived, she and her kids had "nothing," said Crystal, “but now we have stability. They showed me how to get back up from the bottom."

Crystal feels ready to be the mom she was meant to be to her kids, and she credits the Family Shelter staff with helping her believe in herself again. Someday she would like to work in the shelter herself, because in her own words, "I love you guys like a family."

The Homeless Services that blessed Crystal and continues to bless Nevada’s homeless would not be possible without the car charity donations of people like you. So from Crystal, her children and countless homeless men, women and children we say…thanks.

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Homeless Services, underwritten by your car charity donations to Volunteers of America, provide food, shelter, counseling, job training and job placement to homeless men, women and children living in Nevada. Last year car donations to charity opened the door to a new life for people in our community, people who have been hit hardest by the tough economy. All of these programs are made possible thanks to generous car charity donations like yours from Carson City or Paradise to Henderson, Elko, Las Vegas or Reno. To learn about your tax deduction click on Taxes: Donate Car.

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