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Boats help people too! Donating a boat is as easy as donating a car.

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The best place to make a boat donation is Volunteers of America Western Washington. No one makes it easier. No one gives you a larger tax deduction.

Like many people in Seattle, Tacoma or elsewhere in Washington, you may have an old boat that you never use anymore. To you it might be a memory of summers past sitting neglected under a cover next to your carport, or floating forgotten at a marina. To Volunteers of America Western Washington your unused boat represents thousands of meals for hungry Washington children and families, loving care for a local senior or job training for homeless veterans.

If you’re thinking about making a boat donation we gratefully accept donated ski boats, fishing boats, sail boats, power boats, or yachts from anywhere in Washington. No one makes it easier – in a matter of seconds you can fill out and submit the form on the right side of the page, and we’ll give you a call to work out all the details. Need Volunteers of America to pick up your old boat? Normally we can arrange for pickup within 24 hours!

Of course the silver lining to your boat donation is the tax deduction. Looking to maximize your tax deduction? We have extensive experience helping people get the maximum legal tax deduction for their boat donation. Our experts will make certain you get the proper paperwork to file with your taxes, and most of the time they’ll do it within a day of your donation.

100% of your boat donation helps right here in Western Washington, unlike other ‘middleman’ charity boat donation programs.

When you donate a boat you have to watch out for ‘middleman’ organizations that accept your boat donation, sell it, give a small fraction to charity and keep the rest as profit. If you want to donate your unused boat where it will do the most good – donate directly to Volunteers of America Western Washington. If you do, every single cent will be used here in Washington to train and help people in local Washington communities who need it most.

Local Programs: Another reason we’re the best place for your boat donation.

Family and Children’s Services
We encourage the positive development of Washington’s children, youth, and their families, particularly those most at risk. Our programs help youth build a healthy foundation and include child-care referrals and financial assistance, child care and school-age provider training and support, ECEAP preschool services, literacy resources, and mentoring for children of incarcerated parents.

Food Bank Services
Our Food Banks in Everett, Sultan, and North Seattle (Greenwood) are dedicated to providing healthy, nutritious food for our hungry neighbors. Our food banks provide emergency food to families and individuals in need, while also providing monthly home deliveries to low-income seniors.

Community Information and Referral
We offer a front door into local health and human services resources for callers looking for help, or hoping to give help. Our North Sound 2-1-1 call center serves Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties. The program also helps implement community solutions to key local issues, including two targeted hotlines for those experiencing homelessness and those with special transportation needs.

Disability Services
We are committed to those with developmental disabilities, fostering their independence, community involvement and ability to experience the highest possible quality of life. Our programs include Supported Living which offers independent housing and living support as well as Accessible Recreational Options that provides access to recreation opportunities and escorted travel excursions.

Dispute Resolution Services
We believe that empowering individuals and families to resolve their own conflicts builds community capacity to value diversity, empathy, and communication. Our services include mediation, phone conciliation, and conflict resolution skills training.

Emergency Mental Health Services/Care Crisis Response Services
Feeling safe and significant is fundamental to an individual’s ability to be healthy and strong. To prevent mental health crises from compromising this, we offer a regional crisis line, and other emergency resources to access the mental health system in Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.

Housing & Transitional Services
We are dedicated to promoting and empowering the dignity that comes with self-sufficiency. We work with individuals and families in crisis through our programs that include housing, homelessness preventions, Life Skills training, and job placement support.

Housing for Seniors and Veterans
We provide access to quality, affordable housing for seniors and veterans through The Theodora in northeast Seattle. Services include meals, housekeeping, private phone, community Internet access, medications monitoring, and more.

Senior Companionship Services
We know that as individuals grow older, their accumulated knowledge, experience and perspective become a huge asset to the community. We recognize this and encourage seniors to be healthy and active through companionship services, fostering their independence through a network of friendship, caring and support.

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
RSVP provides volunteer and community engagement opportunities for seniors and retired individuals in the Skagit County region. Program participants are matches with opportunities matching their interests and skills.

Sky Valley Services
We engage community specifically in the Skykomish Valley of east Snohomish County to create social impact meaningful for individuals and families in that area. Our property is a resource for many community groups and meetings. Our programs include both emergency services, including homelessness prevention, case management and emergency response, senior center, food bank, and children’s services, including a weekly teen youth group, ongoing recreation activities, play groups and ECEAP preschool services.

Donating your unused boat to Volunteers of America Western Washington gives it a second life, and helps us offer new life to people in Washington communities who really need it. It couldn’t be easier – simply fill out the form to the right, or give us a call toll free at 877-227-4862.

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