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Wondering where to donate cars? Ask the thousands of people in Washington we help move from homelessness to productive lives.

Nothing crushes the soul like being homeless. Every year donated cars like yours help Volunteers of America Western Washington offer the homeless in our community a second chance at life. Donate car, Washington and instead of being hungry and ignored, homeless men, women and children will be provided with food and shelter. But even more important we provide job training, job placement and life skills training that help the homeless reclaim their dignity. Services funded through our car donation program helped Carmen reclaim her dignity. Read her experience with Volunteers of America Western Washington and you’ll never have to ask where to donate cars again.

Carmen was a working, single mother with two sons. She had a good job and a place to call home. Everything was going well in her life until she had crippling back injury. After having corrective surgery, Carmen found herself out of work and out of luck.

Things took a turn for the worst; Carmen lost her job and her house. Within a short time she found her and her children were homeless, living out of their car. For a year, her family lived in their car, stopping by friend’s houses to occasionally spend the night and bathe. The shame of living on the streets was becoming unbearable for Carmen. Every night she would cry as her sons tried to comfort her. They would tell her that “everything was going to be ok” but in those desperate times, it was hard for her to believe them.

Then Carmen came to the Volunteers of America Western Washington Everett Food Bank. When she came to get food for her and her children she was referred to a case manager named Molly. Molly worked in the Housing and Transitional Services program. Molly and Carmen sat down and discussed some options for Carmen and her sons to get of the streets.

Carmen began to cry again. This time, it wasn’t out of desperation and sadness but out of joy and hope. She was able to find someone who cared about her and her family, someone that would lend a hand to help her out of her situation.

Carmen entered into the Housing and Transitional Services program and was moved into temporary housing – both of which are funded when you donate a car & donate charity vehicles of any kind. Molly helped Carmen get back on track by setting life goals. Shortly thereafter, Carmen got a job, went back to school and was on the road to success.

In only the matter of one year, Carmen and her children had moved into their own apartment. Carmen even loves her new job at the Goodwill and is especially proud that she is able to provide a stable home for her children.

Thanks to Volunteers of America and the Food Bank and Housing Program (and the people who donate used vehicles to charity…donate cars, trucks and even golf carts) Carmen and her family were able to get a second chance. Every year, VOAWW gives hundreds of families in crisis like Carmen a second chance through the housing and homelessness prevention programs. Asking yourself where to donate cars? Ask Carmen.

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VOA Western Washington is dedicated to promoting and empowering the dignity that comes with self-sufficiency. Our Housing and Transitional Services work with individuals and families in crisis through programs that include emergency housing, homelessness prevention, Life Skills training, and job placement support.

Where to donate cars in Washington? Volunteers of America provides fast free pick up anywhere in Washington, from Olympia to Edmonds, Seattle or Tacoma, from Bellingham to Everett. It’s easy to get started – just use the convenient form on the right of the page, or give us a call toll free at 877-721- 4862. It’s a win-win situation – people in Washington get the help they need and you get the maximum car donation tax deduction.

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