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It hurts when I’m hungry… Henry.

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When you donate cars, donate trucks or any other unused vehicles you help us provide food or shelter for thousands right here in Washington

You know that car sitting in your driveway or garage – the one you haven’t driven for years…Volunteers of America Western Washington can use it to reach out and change the life of a child like Henry. The story of Henry and his mother demonstrates the life-changing power of our car donation programs:

On a cold November day, Henry and his mother got off the bus and walked into the Everett Food Bank for the very first time. Even as a four-year-old boy Henry could tell that his mother was very upset. Maybe it was because she was hungry. He had been hungry a lot lately. But that morning, Henry’s mother said they were going to get some help.

Henry had never been to the food bank before. He liked the and there were even other kids his age to play with. His mom told him they came here to get food and this made him really excited. He hadn’t had much in the past few days.

While he played he noticed that his mother was crying to the woman at the front desk.

Henry’s mother told the nice lady Patty that the only thing Henry had to eat in the last few days was peanut butter and they were out of food.

Patty walked over to Henry and gave him a little breakfast bar to eat. She knelt to Henry’s side and asked him how he was doing. His stomach ached a lot and it made Henry’s mom very sad.

Henry replied, ‘It hurts when I’m hungry.’ Patty told Henry that they would leave with lots of yummy food. She took his hand and led him and his mother through the food bank

That day, Henry and his mother left with bags of food. Henry’s mother was so grateful and relieved that she could feed her son dinner that night. Henry was happy to have something other than peanut butter. And his mom seemed happy too.

As Henry and his mother left the Food Bank with their bags of food, Patty couldn’t help but wonder what other hardships they were facing. What else was little Henry going without?

Many of the families that come to Volunteers of America need more than just one thing. When families are in crisis, it is likely that they are struggling in many aspects of their life. That is why Volunteers of America offers comprehensive services to help the whole family, and the whole individual – whether their needs are food, housing, education, or support – we can provide them with the resources and care they need to thrive. Every one of these vital programs is supported when you donate cars, donate trucks or even boats to Volunteers of America Western Washington. You can use the simple form on the right of the page to make us the gift of cars & donate used vehicles of any kind. Or give us a call toll free at 877-721-4862. Within 24 hours of your donation we’ll mail you the car donation letters you need to claim your car donation tax deduction.

Please Help Henry. Donate any used vehicle – donate boat, donate truck, donate car, Washington

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Among the many services Volunteers of America Western Washington provides is emergency food, housing and supportive services to people when their support system has failed. When you donate a vehicle you help vulnerable women and children in our area become independent and self-sufficient again.

No matter whether you live in Washington, when you donate cars, donate trucks or any other vehicle you provide real help to neighbors who need it. We accept vehicle donations from anywhere in Washington, from Bellingham to Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia or Edmonds. If you are ready to donate a car to Volunteers of America Western Washington, use the form on the right side of the page, or call toll free 877-721-4862

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