A national organization, with local roots,
dedicated to improving communities

Making a difference to the youths Making a differnce to the communities

Cars Helping People® is your online destination for Volunteers of America’s vehicle donation program. We are dedicated to ensuring that the maximum amount from each donation goes to programs for people in need, 88% of every donation to be exact. As an IRS recognized charity, you are able to maximize your tax deduction from your donation. Your car, boat, or RV donation will be used to provide support for those most in need: veterans, seniors, and families. Click the link below to learn what we are all about.

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A century of service and commitment to human dignity

Making a difference since 1896

Founded in 1896, by social crusaders Ballington and Maude Booth, Volunteers of America is a faith-based organization whose mission has always been to “go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand”. From organizing summer camps in the 1900s, soup kitchens during the Great Depression, providing overnight lodging for soldiers during World War II, and launching professional, long-term nursing care for seniors during the 1970’s, Volunteers of America has always been an association dedicated to assisting struggling members of our communities. Today, we rank as one of the most comprehensive and successful human service organizations in the nation, with numerous programs reaching out to 1.3 million low income individuals a year. Join our mission today by donating!

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